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Jan 06, 2023

checkmk setup details (inside podman container)

Things about CheckMK not (easily) found in the documentation.

Every host is pinged, this service is named "Check_MK".

Run containerized version in podman with podman --cap-add net_raw for ping to work

Install Plugins in containerized Raw edition:

$ podman exec -it -u cmk  checkmk  /bin/bash
OMD[cmk]:~$ cd /tmp
OMD[cmk]:~$ curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/f-zappa/check_mk_adsl_line/master/adsl_line-1.3.mkp
OMD[cmk]:~$ mkp install adsl_line-1.3.mkp

Monitoring RHEL7 - has systemd v219, the agent requires 220. remedy: "legacy mode" - avoid xinetd? use Agent over SSH - ssh known_hosts in checkmk container: run cmk --check $hostname which lets "the correct" ssh ask for accepting the host key. podman -u cmk $containername /bin/ssh $hostname did not suffice in my case


checkmk defaults to IPv4 only, change in Settings > Folder "Main" > Dual stack. Selecting "both" will do ping4 and ping6 checks separately.

podman container gets no public route, only link-local (fe80:), thus IPv6 pings to public addresses fail. Apparently an open issue: https://github.com/containers/podman/issues/15850.