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Feb 13, 2015

debugging ANTLR4 Lexer

grun MyLexer tokens -tokens < testfile

invokes the TestRig on the Lexer spilling out the tokens it recognized. Example stdout:


Format of this output: A list of tokens, where each is:


or (if not default channel)

  • tokenIndex - in the whole output, starting at 0
  • startIndex,endIndex - char/byte? in the input stream
  • spelling - the literal text
  • tokenId - can be found in the .tokens file
  • channelId - index of the channel(?)
  • lineNo,columnNo - line, column of the token start

Tip: append | column -t -s, | less to create a table delimited at , and increase readability (and pass through less for paging).

This does not output "sub-tokens", i.e. only the highest level, not the ones these are assembled from.