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Sep 14, 2016

Qt "ModelTest" application

Several sources on the Internet propose the ModelTest application to check whether custom QAbstractItemModel subclasses behave correctly. The application is contained in the official sources (Qt5 and Qt4), and documented (in a sense) in the official wiki. What is not clear, however:

  • The mentioned .pri file is missing, one version can be found on github
  • Although not stated clearly, ModelTest is not something you can drop into your otherwise normal application, comparable to Q_ASSERT statements. Instead, it's a unit test for the QTest framework, i.e. a standalone test of a separate model instance. If your model proxies a complex data structure which can not easily be recreated or mocked for the test, ModelTest is useless.
  • Various versions of ModelTest are in the Qt repos, at KDE, and elsewhere. The ones in the Qt repositories got not many updates recently (last commit from 2016-01-21), so it's not clear if they are maintained at all